Privacy and Security

Basic principles

We pay special attention to the privacy of the users of site. Data is protected and secured especially against the access of unauthorized persons. Pervious privacy laws are offered to all interested parties.

The internet site is open. One of the main services of the web site is to publish and distribute information and opinions about beauty centers and organizations, so that all those who use the Internet can be made available to all these individuals and organizations and archived by browsers.

Conventions on the processing of cognitive data
The information contained in the system logs, information resulting from the general rules regarding internet connections (eg IP address) is used by for the technical management of our servers. Apart from that, IP addresses are used for collecting general statistical demographic information (eg related to the region where the connection originates). uses cookies to present its services and ensure that the content matches individual needs and interests. In some cases, individualized (personalized) access to internet sites and identification is based on cookies, but often requires a session with a user’s password. Disabling cookies in the browser does not prevent us from using our services, but it can cause some technical problems. Cookies are also used to gather general and statistical information about the user’s use of our internet sites.

Data required during registration
The registration form requires: mobile phone number, e-mail address (login information), password, name (surname), surname, gender, zip code, district, residence city / special code.

The numbers and digital copies provided in this manner will only be used to confirm the rights of the business authorities.

Location information required during search
The businesses listed on the search screen are sorted from the nearest to the farthest point according to the user’s location. For this reason, location information is requested from the user. Location information is required for this type of ordering and can not be used for any other purpose, it can not be disclosed.

Disclosed user data
The opinions posted by the user are marked with the signature received during registration. No other user information is publicly disclosed.

Data disclosed in the client’s profile:
The messaging profile shows all of the information provided at registration, excluding name, mobile phone, e-mail address (login information), password and account activation code. In addition, other data which are preferably provided by the operating authority are also shown; in particular, staff names and working hours. Each profile contains a list of opinions and a list of approximate scores.

Data required when scheduling appointments to businesses:
When you make an appointment, you need to give your name, last name, mobile number. This data will be shown to the persons at the respective reception desk of the business, possibly through the processing of the appointment. The “Information for business” section should be used to enter the necessary technical information.

Personal data processes the creation, modification, end-of-service, and correction of the performance of services provided in the electronic environment in the beginning of the personal data of the users or the service providers. If consent is given by the business operator, may process the data more compulsory for the business operator during registration. The data provided by the user or business authority is processed for purposes related to the services provided on the website and may be processed by for statistics and marketing / advertising purposes.

Content published by users and business authorities
Opinions and information published in beauty centers and staff profiles are open to public access.

Data retention and data protection
The personal data of users are stored in a database where technical and organizational measures are applied and the processed data are protected in accordance with the relevant personal data protection regulations. Only has authority to the database of specially authorized administrators.

The right to verify, modify and delete personal data. Limitations.
At any time, users or business authorities have the right to review and update or delete their personal data. We may refuse to erase the data required to prevent such duplicate recordings to prevent duplicate entries by people who are restricted access to due to inconsistencies in terms of service.

To the extent permitted by this provision, the relevant legislation may share with third parties the protection of copyrights (or other rights) of some of the personal data of users or the handling authorities; but only in the case of a written request (or based on a cooperative agreement with about such data sharing). The organization with such a requirement is obliged to prove that it is the financial copyright (or other rights) of the content / product / service concerned. In addition, there should be no doubt that such rights are violated. may also share collected personal data in the direction of the user’s request or in response to requests from public authorities authorized to seek such a claim under the law. Electronic mail sent to is archived and can be used as evidence when necessary.

Links to Other Internet Sites is not responsible for the privacy policies implemented by the owners or owners of the internet sites in the links in the website. We recommend that you review the privacy disclaimer provisions posted on websites collecting personal data. The user or business operator is solely responsible for the content posted on the internet site which is linked to the site of

Information sent to users or specialists reserves the right to send emails to all users at with notifications of important changes. may also send commercial emails, especially advertisements and commercial information, if the user or expert consents. Advertisements and other commercial information content can also be added to incoming and outgoing mail in the system account.